About Us
DG-LAB is a leading innovator of smart SM props. We focus on using top technology to develop high-tech SM props with more functions, more complete playing methods and more security.

We hope that through our products, every SM player can feel the fun brought by technology.

Since 2016, the predecessor of DG-LAB is SM props studio founded by two senior engineers. At that time, the business was mainly to customize SM props and functions according to customers' requirements. Although the shell, the circuit and the program are all hand-made, some classic designs have won the recognition of the players with novel playing methods.

In 2017, with the increasing number of businesses and customers, we realized that it was time to product the classic designs that had been customized by hand. So more engineers, electrophysiologists and senior SM players joined us, and now DG-LAB, a technology driven intelligent hardware company, was born.

A year later, we soon launched the first product: "COYOTE" - a professional SM electric shock machine with extremely rich playing methods. Now we are still working on more and more interesting intelligent SM props.

DG-LAB is headquartered in China, however, our business scope is diversified and international. At the same time, we are also trying to find partners all over the world. Our technology is leading in the world, and we firmly believe that high-quality products will have value all over the world.

Work At DG-LAB
Joining DG-LAB means entering a fast-growing technology company in a new field. If you agree with us and hope to make more interesting things together, now is the best time to join us. We are looking forward to your coming.